Manoj Handa


Manoj Handa is an Indian Music production specialist/expert and story writer. Driven by burning passion for music, storytelling and screenplay, he embarked upon his journey to build Chaitanya Music Series LLP ™.

With experience in screenplay, story writing and songwriting, he aims to support musicians, music artists, screenplay writers, deliver sad, romantic, devotional and inspirational music that soothes the soul and
ignites the mind.

As Mike Jagger says – “Lose your dreams, and you might lose your mind”, Manoj has always believed in chasing his dreams.

Having no background in music, limited resources and no connections at all, he refused to give up on his musical dream. His wife, Mrs Priyanka Handa, has always been his bosom buddy, providing support in each step he takes. Her unwavering faith in him has always motivated him to be a ‘GO GETTER”!

Since, he had to struggle to find an identity and develop a sense of independence through his teenage years, he is absolutely determined to inspire the coming generations by curating heart-touching songs and stories directed to bring a change.

Deeply touched by Lata Mangeshkar’s words – “It was not really the external influences that made me a singer. Music was within me. I was full of it.”, Manoj has always felt this way about Music, and with a rock solid determination, he decided to pursue his passion despite the setbacks.

“I think it’s just basic curiosity that takes you forward in your journey to achieve something.” – Arijit Singh

Owing to his vast interest in the music industry, Manoj is a pioneer and wishes to become a trendsetter in this field. His compositions never fail to take his audience on a thrilling, emotional ride.

A social butterfly, he loves to travel and explore new places. He is always inquisitive and enthusiastic about learning of cultural and regional genres of music. Defining music as a social glue, he loves meeting new people and understanding their idea of music mania.

He is blessed with the art of reflecting moments, memories, pain and happiness through his compositions. Other than that, he also has a knack for producing genres ranging from ad -ready jingles, background scores for T.V, web series, wildlife, meditation to short videos and film music.

He has named R.D Burman, O.P Nayyar, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Javed Akhtar, A.R Rehman as his idols. He has a firm belief that music is revolutionary and has the potential to influence our society in a deep and meaningful way.

With a vision to bring a change, he strives to create, produce and export colorful authentic music tracks that are celebrated by his audience. He pours his heart out on every project he takes, resonating how music has always been his first love.